About Us

Hi, and welcome to FriendsWhoWrite.com. We are a trio (two gents and one beautiful lady) of professional writers that spit words from the heart. We met in campus and little did we know that we had a commonality until the firm was formed.

That is why FWW was born to tap from our diverse knowledge in technology, health, travel, business finance, and lifestyle.

First we are writers, then friends. FWW is made up of writers that let juices of articles flow from their hearts and we never run dry. We write results-driven content and…Before I even go further, let’s have some background.


John Wakahiu: I was born and raised in Kenya, a country on the East of Africa. Kenya is well-known for its splendid performance in athletics, and apart from that it hosts millions of people that write widely yet few are known.

My journey in writing started 10 years ago when my English teacher asked us to write a poem. It was almost lunch hour and I was the only guy that crafted a poem about the food in waiting.

My enzymes for writing were activated and my DNA grew around the things I felt and touched. Since then I have worked as a photojournalist with different media in Kenya. As a transcriber with various transcription companies as well as direct clients. I have written countless articles that continue to impact the world.

If you have any question, write me. I never get tired about writing and when I see good content, I feel like plunging into it. Cheers!


Benny Wanjohi: I grew up on the slopes of Mt.Kenya, one of the highest mountains in Africa that lies in Central Kenya. The serene environment on the slopes was part of my childhood. School attendance was not mandatory but my desire to not only learn but write what I experienced around me drove me to school when most of my friends were dropping.

It has been a tremendous journey from the pen and the notebook to typing my write-ups on the keyboard. This has landed me in different arenas of life as a writer such as award winning poetry, captivating series stories, book editing and professional writing as a transcriber.

Writing now influences my life. My portfolio has hundreds of poems and articles. Let it be your pleasure to have yours add up to this too. At your service!


Pkay Kavete: I hail from Kenya and my roots trace back to Eastern Kenya though I was born and raised in Central Kenya. I was brought up by very strict parents. My father was a soldier and my mother a teacher, and to them discipline and value for education was held high. I plunged into education and discovered my interest in numbers and the languages and it has never been the same.

Today am a professional accountant, a very good writer, a spoken word enthusiast and a lover of the arts. I am passionate about writing and with the talent and skill of the pen I tell stories untold, preserve legacies for generations to come, write articles that encourage, challenge, build and influence positively.

I have written many articles and still do . I do the best write-ups of any genre whatsoever and I definitely never disappoint. Feel free to reach out.