Are You Really Successful?

We live in a world that celebrates outcomes. We cherish the moments of success and oftentimes, we want to be associated with good things. Good stuff. We own them.

Eliud won in the marathon and suddenly we are proud of being Kenyans. We are amazed at his speed on the track. We have set aside our indifferences and switched off our lives so we can stay on the screen. Where information is measured by who posted first.

We are in love with technology. We breathe Facebook and eat Instagram. WhatsApp is just a way of relaxing.

If you don’t have this, you are missing on the forefront. It is what we say. They say rather.

Harambee stars shone and we are in love with football now. We never see beyond the results. We like smiling. We like when someone is all cheerful and golden. We adore them and we want to be closer. To tap their happiness.

We never see the other side. Where passion never works. Where goals are never met. Where real work is cultivated.

Recently I saw a farmer carry a bucket full of avocado seeds from a market and I admired the spirit. It is what we do not see. We hit jackpots when we get a smart avocado, but this farmer’s efforts are never seen.

To be better is to do the real work. It is to be active when you don’t feel like it. It is to write when you have forgotten the alphabet. It is to rise when you are about to sleep.

Being golden is to become resilient even when nothing seems to be working. When no one is noticing.

Unfortunately, few realize the importance of switching off the screen and getting behind it. The things done offline are what makes you. They are the stuff that defines you. Success is never achieved without work. It is never about passion. It is what you do daily when the world is not watching. Actions win at the end of the day.

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