Essential Ways to Getting Your Business Online In a Day

With the advent of technology, businesses are always looking for ways to scale and reach for more customers. Although technology has changed the way that we shop and sell our products and services, few people know how to get an online presence. Today marks the day you will learn how to get digital with no much trouble:

Choose your Plan

This is the first stage that you need before you start anything else. You need to put down a plan on what you need to achieve, what you are willing to invest, and how you are going to do it. Another thing that you need to know is what field (medium) you need to use first and what will follow after the plan is laid out.

Choose your Scope

The scope is divided into three categories: Web, mobile, and social. Before anyone walks at your door, he has to know that you exist. The only way he gets to know that you exist is if you have a website, app, or you are on social media. Let’s now delve into details in these three fields.


Nowadays, consumers are at the edge of a smartphone. A surprising number of people spend more than half a day on social media, either chatting up with friends or looking for new products. You can capitalize on this by setting up a page of your business on the social media platforms. All the social media platforms are good and you have to know a few things;

    Use a consistent business name in all the platforms.

    Create engaging content and maintain consistency.

    Learn how each platform works (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Telegram, and WhatsApp, Medium) and so on.

As people engage with your content and posters, they will get to know you. And will start asking questions and buying products from you as trust is developed.


What is Web? Simply said it is an entry point like the door of your physical business. It is where you welcome guests into your business. This involves the creation of a website to get your business online. You will need to put some crucial information on your website.

  About us – tell a story about who you are and what makes you count (your unique value proposition).

  Portfolio – what are some of the works you have done? This can also be backed up by genuine testimonials from happy customers. (Maybe photos or videos).

  Services – what products or services do you offer? A brief description will come in handy.

  Contact page – what is your contact information? Location?

A website acts as a home of your business on the Web, and so you must have one to establish authority and credibility.


Mobile means movement. Anything that is on the move. This relates to the Web in some way but may involve a lot more. You need your website to be accessed on the move, either through a mobile phone, a tablet, or even a laptop. You will need to have an app in the Google store or App store for your users (clients) to use. The tips in the Web section can be applied here too.

Choose Your Technology

Nowadays, information is available on the Internet and you can learn a new skill either free or at a cost any day. When it comes to your business, you have to choose if you want to spend time or money getting digital. Learning may take more time and money as well, but it is good if you are looking towards helping other businesses go online as well.

On the other hand, using the money to get help from an agency like FriendsWhoWrite, will help you save time, stress, and hustle of learning. This will also speed and hasten your journey to getting online and getting those customers early enough.

Wrap Up

We have looked at planning your strategy, choosing your scope, and choosing your technology. You may have realized that in the scope you can use one, or use them all together. Follow these steps and you are sure not to get it wrong as you start your journey towards the digital world.

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