History of FWW

FriendsWhoWrite was first conceived as an idea in 2016 after which a Whatsapp group with three writers was formed with the main objective of writing! These writers had been posting their superbly written articles and poems in Whatsapp groups where they were all members. They, therefore, realized common interests and skills harbored in each of them.

Surprisingly, they had been friends for four years on campus but only realized this after they finished college. On …. the three friends, Lemah, Peggy and Benny formed the FWW Whatsapp group. They would write and share their write-ups in the group and also other groups. As time went by they would discuss how to be good writers and share books which boosted a reading culture among them.

After a few months, they decided to spread their talent of writing further. This saw them create a website www.friendswhowrite.com where they would feature some of their write-ups. Physical meetings also started for effective planning. Around the same time, they started offering diverse writing services, graphic designing and website creation to clients.
The progress and growth of these writers were witnessed greatly in their Facebook pages in 2017 where they posted their trending articles and poems throughout the year. This made a lot of people know about the group. With the increased popularity, other writers became interested to join the group. FWW had to come up with a way of bringing these writers on board. They created the FWW Affiliate Program through which other writers could join the group. Apart from mentorship and publicity benefits, the affiliate members would also enjoy markets, book reading, and subsidized products from the group. The program kicked on well in March 2018 where three writers were brought on board.
Today FWW is a growing company with a wide range of services and a good pool of clients. They are guided by their slogan “Penning from the Heart” believing that writing is a God-given ability which flows from the heart. All glory to God for the progress so far!