I am Bleeding Deep and Within

Pain and anguish is slowly filling my cup
The streets are busy
Not with a noble cause
But thronging everywhere as busy bees

Placards shout louder than the thirsty mouths
Music in matatus is too silent
Nairobi buzzes with a new noise
“IEBC must Go”

How does that concern me
Should I walk 30 miles to come shout in town?
I don’t know what my neighbors “Kenyans” are feeling.

But I am dumb
Ice-cold feet
My blood is freezing
I dread coming to town

Smokes of war are engulfing
What a sad scent to wave slaps on us
Youths are misused
It seems I have grown older
And these youths can’t stay away from the demos

Why Kenya?
We can’t trudge the 2007 route again
It is sealed though healing wounds
Are oozing fresh blood

Not again Lord
Save us and redeem us
Meanwhile, I will stay in the interior of interiors
All my meetings will stay in the Masai land
I cannot step in Nairobi yet.

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