OF Resolutions And Decisions, What We Can Learn!

A few days ago I wrote about stopping the resolutions madness. It is still a view that many won’t agree with and yet won’t confess that it is aimless to have resolutions if you can’t stick till success.

Today, I have good news for all. To those who are on the resolutions path and to those who don’t know what is a resolution. You might as well note that I mentioned something to do with what you’ve been doing in the past years if it was a good thing.

But you also must be made aware that doing the same thing, the same way does not yield different results.

So I have tried to outline some key issues that will help you this year and also in years to come. All of the recommendations will need an extra effort to what you know as your normal. Just a little effort!

1. You must pay a price.

In life, nothing happens by chance and we must pay a price to move from where we are to where we want to be. If I am sick today, I must wake and pay the price if walking to the hospital. It must not be monetary but sacrificing some things so that you can focus is a way to paying the price. The question is “when should you start paying the price?”

2. You need a little help.

No man is an island. That sounds so cliche and obvious but you need someone who is good. Most of the times we take advice from nobody and other times from everybody. This is very dangerous as it is the surest way to fail. A good person has some experience and skill in a field you want to be an achiever. He is not emotionally attached to you.

3. Listen more.

Maybe I should say a little bit more because that’s more specific. You learn more by listening. It is upon you to know who is a good person and what needs listening. Listening builds thoughts in our minds and thoughts when acted upon results in the people we are. Learn to talk where you have a responsibility, otherwise, just listen a little bit more.

4. Learn to give up.

Give up? I must be joking. But yes, you need to give up that comfort zone, you need to give up that milkshake, those negative friends. Change is always seen as a hurtful thing but when we give up some things in our life, change becomes our companion — a helpful thing.
Most people change just enough to escape their problems but not a little bit more to solve their problems. Know your change.

5. Pass the test.

You will encounter tests and maybe you will feel like giving up but what you must realize is that tests are hidden opportunities. We ask God for opportunities and when tests come we sulk. Master your courage, be trained, and avoid shortcuts. Only the tested are trusted and the world needs lots of those.

6. Prioritise.

I would have said there is no need to set priorities, and just have one priority. But we are a talented nation. We have many gifts, many talents, and amazing abilities. But being a jack of all trades will make us remain in circles or is it cycles? Even time must be prioritized. What goes on your list first when you wake up? How do you structure your day?

7. Do the right thing. (A little attitude).

When you doing something right daily, something is happening even if you can’t see it. Learn the art of thinking right, acting right and having a positive attitude. Do that one thing you do well every day but add a little bit of an attitude, a zeal to achieve more than yesterday. Don’t deprive your mind some sleep, you need it for all these things to happen.

8.Be grateful.

We take the credit even when we know that where it took the sacrifice of another person. Before you step outside, someone manufactured a toothpaste for you, another made the clothes, another went to the farm so you can get that food.
Learn to appreciate people who have given themselves for you to be who you are. Thank your parents, your friends and any other stranger that said a word and your life changed.

Then, pause and remember.

The King of kings, The Supreme God who made that all available. How can you be grateful? Give to others. Give them your time, your attention, your skills and be a river of blessing to many.

Wrap up.

When you want something you have never got, you need to do something you have never done. I hope you will learn these crucial lessons and you will live to pass it on to many that need my help. Learning from people takes a submission, and the reason we struggle reading books is that we have not changed enough.

Above all keep it real. Set realistic goals and plan realistic plans.

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