Content Strategy

Are you looking for writers who are driven by the passion of their results and not a passion for the content? We are a team of experienced writers and we don’t do cranky work. Our skills in research-driven content marketing will help you generate demand for your products, by creating the right content for the right audience.

We write original, highly actionable, always engaging inbound marketing blog posts and content upgrades that turn visitors into long-term clients/subscribers. Our solid understanding of content marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, and SEO will help us optimize and republish content to improve your search engine rankings and trial signup conversions.

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Blog Posts

The future of business is in the hands of consumers — the smartphone. According to research, more than 388 million people view more than 12.7 billion blog pages each month. This means there is a great need to capitalize on social media data today.

However, putting the right blog post on your page determines the sales and business conversions you make as a firm. Blog posts that are superbly written will be pleasing to your current followers and will also attract new traffic.

Here is where we come in by writing for you the best blog posts in your niche. We research on the content ensuring we give you the most appealing, facts-founded and captivating posts that turn your readers into long-term clients. Don’t be left behind, get in touch.




With the millions of poems currently found in different sites, it is evident that poetry has its wide place in the current social and business world. Poetry must come with clarity to convey the message to its audience.

Are you launching a product, fundraising gala, or even planning a wedding? We are talented writers who creatively and rhythmically put words together building poems tailored to your mood/interests to meet your social or business need in the most spectacular way.

More so we write from the heart, so you are assured of a soulful write-up. Don’t hesitate to click that hire us button.




For a business to stand out, it must engage in more than two ways of social media marketing. With over 50 percent of people using Facebook daily, more and more people are on the lookout for information and eBooks is one of the precious resources.

Gone are the days when people bought hard copies. Reading from the smartphones, and tablets is a current library shift. Leading companies, universities, popular personalities are using eBooks to share success stories, communicate strategic plans, advertise products, and render training tutorials to their customer base.

We are not ignorant of this. We fit into the gap by designing and writing the right content in the catchiest way on readers of your eBook. You know what? You fully own the authorship.



Guest posts

At this time and age, a lot of people have engaged and embraced blogging and more people are getting into it. Do you want to stand-out and make a clean breakthrough in the blog world? Then what better way than to get in sync with the leading blog leaders.

We write authoritatively in your niche of business, backed and powered by our experience and research-driven skills in this world of writing. Such exposes your work to a wide vast pool of readers who often end up being loyal to you and eventually long-term clients.

Better yet you can hire our services to write for you any guest posts you want, and trust me we never get it wrong.



Landing pages

Are you looking for a new level of conversion power? You’ve got your marketing all set. Your pages are well optimized and generating good natural search, your ads are working just fine, and you’re getting lots of traffic. People are visiting your site, but for some reason, you’re not seeing your other numbers move at all. Should you throw up your hands and conclude that your marketing doesn’t work?

Not yet. The first thing you might want to look at is what people do after they go through your ads. If you don’t have a good landing page, it’s like going to the market without a basket. You might land a bonus offer in the market, but you won’t be able to bring it home.

You don’t want people to just visit your page. You want them to take action once they are there. Following best practices that work in 2017, we offer a well-packaged landing page that keeps your visitors in action.

Aha, sounds good? Contact us for an offer.




A few ages ago, business people knew their clients by name. All this has changed with the growth of technology, and many firms are losing simply because they don’t understand the power of newsletters.

Email newsletters are a way to embrace clients and build a relationship in this postmodern age. More often than not when readers pass by blogs, they never find their way back and not because they don’t want to but because they forget. They have no means whatsoever to remind them of your blog. Well, newsletters are important because they provide that way to your readers and they can always come back to read more posts.

You can use newsletters to highlight new posts, offer tips, offer bonuses to your readers and more importantly it is a means where you can get feedback from your customers. If you have a blog, it is important you have an email newsletter: feel free to hire us to manage it for you.